Artigiani non si nasce.

(immagine da Bello? Ho la sensazione di essere stata fraintesa in alcuni momenti. Non c’è dubbio che io sia completamente a favore dell’artigianato e di chi, in questo campo, ope…

Sorgente: Artigiani non si nasce.


Informazioni su barbarapala

Barbara Pala is a Fashion Designer that developed her experience in Milan at the Marangoni Institute, where she graduated in 2006 with honors. After finishing college, she spent 6 months doing work experience in a design office in Milan, during which her duties were to develop and propose creative ideas for fashion lines managed by that office. In 2009, with a scholarship won thanks to a project between Elle and Domus Academy, she successfully completed a Master in Fashion Design in the same Domus, achieving a diploma once more with full honors. At the end of her studies, she carried out several projects and partnerships, including collaborations with prominent figures such as Couturier Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman. In 2010 she decided to return permanently to Sardinia and to put into practice what she learned, working in the interim as freelance. In 2012 the LabPLATDD brand is born, in collaboration with professional designer and dressmaker Antonella Tedde. This Brand marks the creation of their increasingly diverse production. The dream is to be able to continue this work, to produce and create individual distinctive garments and be part of the international fashion world. In September 2016 LabPLATDD won a national competition award organized by Confartigianato fashion. Vedi tutti gli articoli di barbarapala


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